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5 Myths About Physical Therapy

December 17th, 2017


As we discussed last month's blog, many people may not understand exactly what a physical therapist does -- or the difference between seeing a physical therapist, a chiropractor or a primary physician. With a little clarity on why and when you should see a physical therapist, let’s dispel some common myths about physical therapy. Here are 5 common myths that you may have heard about physical therapy and a few thoughts to help dispel each myth:

  1. MYTH: “I must be injured or hurt to benefit from physical therapy.” Recovering from an injury or rehabilitating after surgery is only a portion of what physical therapists specialize in. Our team at Back in the Game can also help with balance issues, headaches, chronic pain, and basic joint and muscle pain. Physical therapy can also help work with athletes to prevent injuries and enhance performance.

  1. MYTH: “Since physical therapy is just stretching, I can do it by myself at home.” Yes, you will receive exercises from your physical therapist to enhance your time spent with them, but a huge key to a successful physical therapy plan is the expert care and guidance of a physical therapist. Our licensed physical therapists use their specialized education, clinical experience, and the latest research to customize your diagnose and on-going care plan. 

  1. MYTH: “Physical therapy is going to hurt!” The old saying, “No pain, no gain,” is not necessarily always true! Physical therapy shouldn’t be avoided because you think it might cause new pain or exacerbate your existing pain. Your recovery will be faster and more efficient the faster you start a customized physical therapy plan; physical therapy’s goal is to alleviate your pain, not cause you more pain. If for some reason, an exercise does cause you pain, your physical therapist is there to help you adjust or change the exercise to better fit you. 

  1. MYTH: “In order to get an appointment with a physical therapist, I have to have a referral.” Actually, our team can evaluate you without another physician’s referral or a prescription. We are here to help you achieve total health and wellness.

  1. MYTH: “My insurance won’t cover physical therapy, so this will cost me a lot of money.” Actually, most insurance policies cover some form of physical therapy. Our office staff can help you navigate this if you call us at (770) 967-4377. On top of this, physical therapy can reduce your overall health costs because it can help you avoid unnecessary imaging scans, surgery, or prescription pain medication.

Don’t let your belief in these myths deter you from visiting one of our convenient North Georgia locations. Schedule your appointment today!

Posted by BIG Team
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